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The Jodie Report

Our Missionaries...


Charlie and Jodie continue to surrender themselves to God's will in a field "white already to harvest."  As they yield to God's agenda, his timing and his design, Thailand will never be the same!!  They are leterally making an eternal difference in a land far away - a land that they have adopted as thier very own.  And so...may the Lord of the Harvest bless and guide them.  May they enjoy wonderful health and supreme happiness.  May their joy overflow into the lives of the people they selfleely minister to.  May their character, service and example refect the Lord's love and...little by little, day by day...carve pathways into his family.  May their words be kind and comforting, and may their humility reflect the patience and love of their Redeemer.  May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob manifest his love in their hearts and minds, and may he anoint and sanctify each decision for his glory.  Thank you, Charlie and Jodie, for your devotion and for your service to the cause of Christ.  We are praying for you!


Here's an excert from Charlie and Jodie's upcoming Newsletter....


"This is our friend Khun Aa.  She owns a pharmacy that is next door to our Thai mother's house.  She lived in Boston for six years.  She speaks very good English.  She helps us with our Thai very often.  After we were teaching our Thai mother about giving to God, Jodie went to get some medicine from Kun Aa.  Jodie was going to pay for the medicine and Aa told her something amazing.  She told her she wanted to give her the medicine because she wants God to bless her too.  A couple of weeks after that, we were talking with Khun Aa and she asked us for a Bible.  We told her that we would bring her one.  She explained that she liked to read the Bible because it calms her down.  We brought her a Bible and gave it to her.  we asked Khun Aa if anyone in Boston had ever talked to her about Jesus.  She told us, "No."  Then we asked her, "Why did Jesu die on the cross?"  She told us, "I don't know why He died on the cross."  So we explained the love of Jesus to her and showed her how Jesus' dying on that tree paid her sin-debt.  We also explained to her that Jesus paid for the gift of Heaven.  we showed her all these things in the Bible.  Then we showed her what she had to do to accept this gift.  Then very sweetly, Khun Aa bowed her head and asked Jesus to forgive her of her sins and to take her to Heaven when she dies.  Amen!!!"  Isn't it exciting to see our Missionaries making an eternal difference in the lives of the Thai people?  Please continue to pour on the prayer on their behalf!!  Your prayers are heard and they matter!