Service Times


Sunday School10:00 AM

Morning Service11:00 AM

Evening Service6:00 PM


Mid Week7:00 PM


Lighthouse Baptist Church

Lighthouse Baptist Church is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church that believes in the sovereignty of God and the authority of His word.


Our Objective:

 * To proclaim the Gospel message and urge its personal acceptance.
 * To win the lost throughout the world to Christ.
 * To administer the ordinances of the New Testament Church.
 * To build up the saved in teaching of Scripture through regular services, Sunday School, Media, prayer services, Bible study and revival services, Christain schools, including pre-school, day school, and Bible college, etc.
 * To earnestly contend for and never depart from the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

Our Biblical Authority:

Realizing that the Lord placed all authority within the hands of the local church, the authority for the conducting of the activities of this church and its ministries is vested in the body of scripturally baptized believers who comprise the active membership of this local assembly.  Business transactions shall be likewise conducted upon the authority of the church membership and the authority vested in the church leaders by the church body.  The church shall be congregational (democratic) in government and independent of the control of any other ecclesiastical body.

Our Biblical authority in operation of this New Testament Church comes from the King James 1611 Bible (study Doctrinal Statement).  Only the King James Bible will be used by the Pastor, teacher, officers, and guest speakers.  (Spanish services and other languages shall use Textus Receptus Translation).


1.  Daily Bible Reading

2.  Doctrinal Statement

3.  King James Bible

4.  Plan of Salvation

5.  Services

6.  Why the King James Bible? (KJV)